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Craft Cocktail Bitters

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Cucumber Lavender Bitters: Indulge in a glass of summer with Cucumber Lavender Bitters, a refreshing inclusion in lighter cocktails. The subtle interplay of lemon and mint perfectly complements the main essence of cucumber and lavender. Ideal match for Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Champagne..

Barrel Aged Vanilla: Crafted from the world's exclusive wild pollinated vanilla bean pod cultivated in Zanzibar and procured from Burlap and Barrel, these bitters are carefully aged in Roulaison Rum Barrels for a truly sophisticated and luxurious flavor experience. 

Chicory Pecan: These bitters are perfect for elevating classic cocktails or adding a touch of sophistication to your coffee. Hints of chicory coffee, pecan, and cinnamon make these bitters a must-have for both drinks and culinary creations. Indulge in our bitters by incorporating them into freshly whipped cream, ice cream, or even chocolate chip cookies for a luxurious touch.