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Craft Cocktail Bitters

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Cucumber Lavender Bitters: Summer in a glass, Cucumber Lavender Bitters are a refreshing addition to lighter cocktails. Subtle notes of lemon and mint complement the primary flavors of cucumber and lavender in the bottle. Pairs well with: Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Champagne.

Barrel Aged Vanilla: Made with the world's only wild pollinated vanilla bean pod grown in Zanzibar and sourced from Burlap and Barrel and then aged in Roulaison Rum Barrels.

Chicory Pecan: Perfect for an Old Fashioned, Milk Punch, Manhattan or just plain coffee. The quintessential taste of NOLA, these aromatic bitters pack a punch with flavors of chicory coffee, pecan & cinnamon. These are just as great in food as they are in drinks - try them in freshly made whipped cream, in place of vanilla extract in ice cream or in chocolate chip cookies.

Spiced CocoaA labor of love, these bitters are made with naturally & traditionally grown, fermented, dried & stone ground cacao sourced from chocolatiers in New Orleans. Extreme chocolate notes are complemented by lighter spices with a bitter finish.