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Petite Jar Maison Candle Collection

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Voluspa's unique coconut wax blend is hand-poured into a 4.5 oz. embossed glass vessel and topped with a decorated tin lid that keeps the candle dust-free when not in use. The single wick allows you to enjoy fragrance throw for 35 hours. Candles are hand-poured in the United States and feature our proprietary, clean-burning coconut wax blend and 100% natural wicks & are free of phthalates, pesticides, parabens and sulfates and are never tested on animals. Up-cycle this best seller into a keepsake after the last burn!

Scent Notes

Crisp Champagne: Notes of Sparkling Brut Champagne, Vanilla & Barrel Oak.

Eucalyptus & White Sage: Notes of crushed Eucalyptus, Cardamom, herbaceous White Sage, and sun-warmed Hinoki Bark.

French Linen: Notes of Cotton Flower, White Cedar & Sun Dried Vanilla Bean

Pink Citron & Grapefruit: Notes of Ripe Citron Grapefruit, Tart Cassis & Subtle Rose

Saijo Persimmon: Notes of Persimmon, Peach, & Jasmine

Suede Blanc: Notes of Buttery Sueded Leather, Amber and Cedar