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Winter Teas

Winter Teas

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These Winter Teas are perfect for the holiday season, here to provide you with a cozy feeling as they warm and soothe. These specially blended holiday teas are packed with festive flavors to bring the spirit of the season to your cup!

Winter Chai: Every ingredient in this chai was farmed or foraged from the same origin, Assam, India. A warming and authentic chai for this winter. 

Cozy Night: A calming blend of chamomile and mints. Cozy Night is naturally sweet and cuddly blend, the perfect bedtime story companion on cold, windy nights.

Rosy & Bright: Hibiscus and rose blended with cinnamon and Assam black tea. Brews a beautiful magenta cup with a hint of holiday spice. 

  • 10 compostable tea bags per box
  • Ethically Sourced
  • 100% recyclable outer packaging & 100% compostable inner packaging
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