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Sparkling Bath Tablets

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When placed in a full tub of water, the tablet fizzes and dissolves in the water making for a relaxing and soothing bath. This type of bath soak is much better for your skin than a bubble bath (which can be drying and irritating as they contain foaming agents) but just as indulgent. We recommend one cube per bath, although they can be broken up.

INGREDIENTS: ground dead sea salts, Epsom salts, baking soda, non gmo-cornstarch, citric acid, and scented with our own proprietary blend of phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils

Agave & Teakwood: sea moss, bark, cedar, teakwood, agave, aloe, and sweet melon.

Aloe Leaf & Mint: fresh aloe leaf with cooling mint and add a touch of black pepper.

Apiary No. 55: clean, sweet, and soothing.

Bourbon & Vanilla: bourbon, tahitian vanilla with a hint of musk and amber.

Clementine & Lime: fresh clementine citrus with zesty clean lime.

Desert Ghost Flower: a blend of warm sun and sand, amber, prickly pear, sandalwood, dry cedar, and pink ghost flowers.

Fig Leaf: fresh green fig with a touch of cranberry.

Gardenia Blossom: a blend of a classic floral gardenia mixed with fresh lemon for a more modern take on a traditional sweet gardenia.

Honeycomb & Neroli: a refreshing and honeyed blend that combines the warmth and soothing element of honey with fresh and slightly sweet neroli.

La Nuit:  rich and comforting amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, Egyptian musk and French Lavender.

Fleuriste: a mix of pink carnations, peonies, green leaves, and spring flowers.

Ocean & Oakmoss: a blend of spices, orange zest, and fresh sea spray.

Orange Peel & Patchouli: patchouli with citrus rinds and fruits, lemongrass, lavender, and a touch of pine.

Sea Mineral: petitgrain, rosemary, and lavender making for a very fresh, slightly green blend with a slight briny herbal finish.

Sea Salt & Lavender: crisp ocean accords with touches of jasmine and violet florals.

Sweet Pea & Clover: classic old fashioned sweet pea perfume with hints of plumeria blended with fresh cut clover for a more modern twist.

Vetiver & Sweetgrass: a blend of fresh grasses, vetiver, sandalwood, sage, oakmoss, and desert sage.

Vintage Peony: a lush velvety floral blend inspired by our favorite spring flower.