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Simmer Pot Mixes

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Made with care and attention to detail, this potpourri will transport you in the comfort of your own home. Simply simmer on your stovetop and let the fragrance fill the air.

How to use: 1. Get a pot from your kitchen 2. Fill with water 3. Empty Simmer Mix into pot and water 4. Simmer and enjoy the natural aroma

You can reuse the simmer mix 3-4 times, just store in the fridge between use. Compost when done.


Be Balmy: zesty lemon, tangy lime, juicy grapefruit, sweet orange, and refreshing lemongrass.

Be Sparkling: bright peppermint, sweet cacao, warm vanilla, bold coffee and uplifting lemon.

Be Poetic: sweet strawberry, refreshing basil, tropical coconut, and aromatic rosemary.

Be Northern: pine and cloves.

Be Golden: calming chamomile, sweet lemons, sultry bourbon and earthy basil.