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Petite Jar Maison Candle

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These adorable glass jar candles make the perfect gift for any occasion! Candles are 4.5 ounces and burn for ~ 40 hours.


  • Moroccan Mint Tea: Notes of green tea, spearmint & lemon create a crisp and cool scent that is reminiscent of a breezy journey!
  • Saijo Persimmon: Persimmon, peach, and jasmine creates a delicious flirtation that is fragrant, fruity, and perfect for summertime!
  • Italian Bellini: This festive scent says "Cheers!" to any day or occasion! A mix of fresh white peach, sparkling champagne, and delicate rosewater.
  • Eucalyptus & White Sage:  Notes of crushed Eucalyptus leaves, Cardamom, herbaceous White Sage, and sun-warmed Hinoki Bark create a kinship of peace and vitality, illuminating feelings of renewal.