One-Beer Grilling

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Spend less time grilling and more time chilling!

Grilling just got better. Nothing beats cracking open a crisp brew over flame-grilled food on a hot summer afternoon. But who wants to be stuck behind the grill all day? With One-Beer Grilling, you can create that awesome, smoke-infused meal before you finish your first cold one. Complete with grill-savvy tips to master the flame and a variety of recipes from essential food groups like red meat and pizza, you'll be kicking back with great food in the time it takes to drink a beer. Enjoy more than 75 mouthwatering dishes with friends and family.

Every recipe includes the perfect beer pairing to make mealtime even more enjoyable. Whether you're a new cook or a cedar-plank pro, One-Beer Grilling makes it easy to grab a beer and fire up the grill for great meals in minutes!