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Home Bar: Over 50 Cocktails to Shake, Muddle and Stir at Home

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Featuring advice on essential bar tools, home-made syrup recipes and suggestions on how to produce next-level drinks! In a corner of every home is an area where bottles lurk. For some, it's a plinth of joy where beautifully polished spirits stand proud. For others, it's a dark, mysterious nook where bottles are hidden from view under a layer of dust. In Home Bar, drink expert Andy Clarke shows that even the most unloved bottle of booze can be a treasure chest full of liquid promise, waiting to be unlocked. Andy shares over 50 recipes, from classic cocktails to his own creations, batch ideas for parties, seasonal tipples and even some tasty snacks. He also gives advice on essential bar tools, home-made syrup recipes, and genius suggestions which will allow you to produce next-level drinks, even if you think you don't have the kit! Whether it's a Friday night drink for two, or a weekend party for twenty, this book is guaranteed to transform you into an unstoppable cocktail legend.