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Four Points Trading Co. Candles

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Candles are hand poured and crafted in small batches. Each candle is completely hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Pure fragrance oils, cotton braided wicks and 100% pure soy wax.

Bacon: It's strong hickory flavor will sure to have you begging for more!

Gasoline: It's one we hate to admit we love, the smell of dad's garage. With its smooth musky aroma of low octane gasoline and a hint of tea tree oil. It will soon become your secret favorite.

Sawdust: This delightfully earthy blend of cedar wood and classic vanilla are a must have for any wood worker.

Money: This candle allows for that retail therapy we all seek at times. Its cotton and fresh ink fragrances are sure to cause some debts.

Beer: This candles undeniable scent of Malt liquor with a fruity twist will surely give you the sensation of froth on your lips.

Fresh Cut Grass: This awesome shimmering blend intertwines leafy greens and summer grasses with a classic forest fern. 

Dirt: There is nothing like the smell of the earth to reconnect you with your inner native soul! It's earthy fragrance with splashes of musk and rain are like no other.

Bourbon: The woodsy combination of cedar, cognac, and rum with notes of rose make it the perfect sipping scent!

Leather: This rich leather scent is comforting with its strong primitive aroma & wood undertones.