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Dessert Boards

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Delight your family, friends, and guests—on holidays or any day—with beautiful boards full of scrumptious sweets.

With Kellie Hemmerly’s creative and gorgeous 
Dessert Boards, you can take the exciting trend of artfully composed food platters and boards in an entirely sweet new direction. The more than 50 easy-to-make boards in Kellie’s book are kid- and family-friendly, but grownups surely will love these dessert boards, too, whether the boards are served for a holiday party, a weekend visit from family or friends, or simply as a sweet finish to an everyday dinner.

The boards feature a stunning variety of sweet treats, from baked things like 
barscookiesshortbreadsbundt cakes, and mini pies, to fresh and colorful fruits of all kinds, to trufflescandiess’mores, and more. The recipes include:
  • Cake for Breakfast Board
  • Cupcake Decorating Board
  • Chocolate Dipping Board
  • Holiday Cookie Board
  • New Year’s Eve Board
  • Hot Cocoa Board
  • Game Day Sweets Board
  • Molto Dolce Board (Italian Sweets Board)
  • Birthday Confetti Board
  • Awards Night Board

The book 
also includes platters that focus on healthier sweets, such as fruits, yogurts, and granola bars, perfect for breakfast, brunch, and after-school or after-work snacks. There are inventive boards for people who love to bake as well as quick-fix boards that can be built from store-bought goods—everything you need to bring smiles to your family and friends and some extra sweetness to your life.