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Wellness Blend Teas

Wellness Blend Teas

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Minding your body should be both simple and delicious. Using wholesome and powerful herbs and adaptogens like turmeric and hemp, our Wellness Infusions will elevate your health and make it just that much easier to start that new daily ritual. Whether you struggle with insomnia, live with anxiety, are fighting a cold, are feeling drained or are looking to cleanse your body, we have the tea you need to help you feel your best. 

Hemp Moringa: Unwind and enjoy deep sleep through botanical wellness with our Hemp Moringa blend. Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic beverages, this blend’s unapologetic hemp aroma and relaxing, mellow body is perfect for true enthusiasts. Intense flavors of hemp and moringa mingle together with holy basil, bold turmeric, goji berries and coconut for a truly one of a kind cup. Especially delicious with a touch of local honey!

Chaga Chai: Nourish your soul with our latest wellness botanical, Chaga Chai. We started with wild earthy flavored Canadian Chaga mushroom, then added potent spices that are known to encourage a feeling of warmth that will leave you with a healthy glow. With its strong, earthy flavors we suggest you try it with your favorite milk or alternative milk product and a bit of honey. It makes for a great latte. 

Golden Milk: Lie back and experience a chill like none other with our latest wellness botanical, Golden Milk. Made with a mixture of adaptogens and spices, let this cup bring out your inner glimmer.


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