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Holiday Mixers

Holiday Mixers

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Add some holiday cheer to your home bar with these delicious Holiday Mixers from El Guapo! 

Candy Cane Syrup: Made with fresh mint, this product is kid-approved in hot chocolate and useful year round if we're being honest. It's the perfect accompaniment to lattes and coffees. Try some in a mint martini garnished with a candy cane, or drizzle over mint chocolate chip ice cream and pancakes.

Spiced Cocoa Bitters: These bitters are created with naturally and traditionally grown, fermented, dried, and stone ground cacao. The extreme chocolate flavor is complemented by oaky whiskey notes, a bitter finish and light spice derived from cayenne pepper. These work well with all spirits, but we're especially fond of using them with bourbon, rye whiskey and rum.

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