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Big Heart Tea

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Each box of these beautifully packaged teas contains 10 compostable tea bags. All teas are Certified Organic by ODAFF, and use 100% recyclable outer packaging and 100% compostable inner packaging.

Blushing:                                                                                                                 Hibiscus produces the prettiest shade of pink you ever did see. Get that good vitamin C punch against the cold. With besties lemongrass and tulsi, it’s an all-around citrusy, antioxidant-rich, immune-building tea.

Ingredients: organic hibiscus, organic lemongrass, organic tulsi

Cup of Love:                                                                                                                    Cup of Love is a mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea. Crafted by hand to reduce stress and soothe your soul. A floral olfactory release, just like a hug from your grandma.

Ingredients: organic rose, organic tulsi

Farmer's Chai:                                                                                                             This farmer blended tea uses spiced foraged from their neighbors. A single farm chai!

Ingredients: assam black tea, bay leaf, ginger, clove, cardamom

Minty White:                                                                                                       Satemwa Tea Estate white tea blended with smallholder grown spearmint: just two ingredients grown on one farm in the Shire Highlands of Malawi.

Ingredients: white tea, spearmint